Dunfermline & Carnegie v Carlton 4

Played at McKane Park on 08/06/2019

No Result

Carlton 4 won the toss and chose to field first.

Innings of Dunfermline & Carnegie

D Miller Not Out   12  
M Honeyford Not Out   5  
J Taylor DNB      
V Reddy DNB      
M Callan DNB      
P Daughtrey DNB      
B Callan DNB      
J Hutton DNB      
D Wood DNB      
J Honeyford DNB      
G Coles DNB      
  Extras 1b 1lb 1w 3  
  TOTAL for 0 wkts (10 ovs) 20  

  Bowler O M R W  
  Ja Beattie 5.0 1 8 0  
  E Hutchinson 5.0 2 10 0  

Innings of Carlton 4

N Appleton DNB      
Ja Beattie DNB      
E Hutchinson DNB      
B Irvine DNB      
B Kaczynski DNB      
E Keatinge DNB      
C Kentish DNB      
F Kentish DNB      
P Kentish DNB      
M McKay DNB      
G Murray DNB      
  Extras   0  
  TOTAL for 0 wkts (0 ovs) 0  

  Bowler O M R W